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How many times in a row have you managed to guess the outcome of matches?

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I recently started getting interested in betting on soccer matches, and I'm wondering how many times in a row have you managed to guess the outcome of matches and make money from it? I've heard that it can be an unpredictable endeavor, but perhaps you have some secrets or strategies you share?

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Yes, betting on soccer can indeed be unpredictable, but I have had some success with it. I can't say that I always guess the outcomes of matches, but I have had periods where I have guessed several times in a row. I got all this data from this Android and iOS app . Basically, I follow the strategy of analyzing stats, team form, and lineups before matches. This helps me to make more informed decisions.

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I have experience in betting on soccer too. I would say that guessing the outcomes of matches is more of an art than a science. I have had periods when I managed to guess several times in a row, but unfortunately, there are also periods of failure. Now I rather try to find valuable bets, where the odds are reflected by underestimating or overestimating some side, and this sometimes brings profit.

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