Best Stoner Weed Games of All Time

Best Stoner Weed Games of All Time

Looking for a great way to have fun while you’re high? Look no further than the list below of the best weed games to play with your friends. These aren’t those stupid Candy Crush rip-off apps or terrible versions of Monopoly or Jenga. This is the real shit.

What does it take to make a great stoner game? You need something that is involving, enjoyable, that can be broken off at any time and is easy to follow. Nobody wants to think that hard while they’re baked, after all.

We have sorted through the handful of weed games that are currently on the market and chosen our favourites. Read on to find out why.

#1: 420 – The Card Game


Welcome to awesomeness, 420 – The Card Game is everything that is great about being high. Food, laughs, crazy antics and deep questions are all rolled up, sealed and lit up in this fresh game from the West Coast.

Built entirely while baked, designed during a few dabs, and trademarked after taking a toke, 420 – The Card Game is the real deal. It’s been described as Cards Against Humanity meets Truth or Dare.

The gameplay is simple: Takes turns playing a question or an action card on each other. If the card you give to someone is answered (question) or performed (action), then they get a point, if they refuse, then you get a point! Whoever gets the point takes a hit. Play to 10 points.

Sounds easy, right? Just wait until you read the cards. 

Want to know more? Check out the new hype video or head over to Amazon.

#2: Weed! – Deluxe Edition

Ever wanted to be a weed farmer? Here’s your chance. Pick a character and grow your garden up to full weed glory. It’s a bit short and the novelty wears off quickly, but it’s an easy game to learn which is always a bonus when creating a game for stoners.

Pretty cheap price for the deluxe version and it makes for a good time when you’re sitting around chilling with your buds. Watch out for Potzilla!

#3: Stoner Fluxx


Fluxx on weed! If you enjoy the classic game or other expansions of fluxx as well as a regular toke, you’ll love this fluxx version. Looney Labs has come up with a stoner mod to their rule-breaking series.

You’re lucky it’s on Amazon Prime!

Pro tip: Can be a bit short to play. Mix it with other expansions or the original to stretch the game out!

#4: Cards Against Humanity – Weed Expansion

They’ve done it again, folks. CaH has produced another lovely expansion to their best-selling game. Though not a stand-alone game like the rest of the weed games on this list, it comes in a pseudo weed bag and makes for a fun time. Snatch your copy on Amazon, it’s only $14.49.

This is a welcome addition to the CaH line-up, because let’s face it, Cards Against Humanity has gotten pretty boring lately.

420 – The Card Game (FREE U.S. SHIPPING)


About our company:

Brotato Games is a new innovative game-creation company dedicated to making games for you and your friends to enjoy.  We create fun, unique products like 420 – The Card Game that make you laugh, think and stretch your comfort zones. Drop us a line at [email protected] for any questions, comments or love-notes. 420 – The Card Game was also featured on’s Top Games to Play on 420


This article was written by Eric, with the help of some weed monkeys.